Tammy L Cooper, BS MSM

Transformational Life Coach

“Michelle's authentic style of coaching has given me greater confidence to do what I love to do on a daily basis: coach, educate and transform lives! Her professional coaching has helped me elevate my professional career and win new clients for my business. Every coach needs a "great coach" and I highly recommend Michelle if you are ready to take it to the next level!”

David Romey, President

Strategic Leadership Associates, Inc.

“Michelle is the consummate HR leader. Her knowledge and skills in a broad range of areas, including assessment, coaching, training, policy, and change management make her an invaluable asset as a consulting leader. Michelle has partnered with our team on a number of occasions to provide executive leadership assessments and coaching with dramatic results for our clients. In addition to her professional expertise, her poise and easy demeanor only enhance her already formidable skills.”

Shawn S.

Baltimore, MD

“Prior to working with Michelle, I lacked focus and clarity about what I needed to take action on/address and what I needed to release. My negative thoughts and destructive behavior had me unable to function in important roles of my life. As my coach, Michelle didn't give me some generic info that she found on some website that was created overnight. She provided me with concrete, proven strategies based on years of her study and expertise. Now, I'm able to move forward, forgive myself and others and build/create my life based on my dreams and will to work.Thanks Michelle for everything.”

Guiding Principles

Client-Focused Partnerships

We believe that the success of our client engagement centers around our ability to serve as empathetic and trusted advisers.

Results that Matter

We believe that unveiling true leadership requires a strategic and shared commitment to helping clients achieve value-focused results that matter.


We believe that everyone is placed on this planet to realize a dream. Our role is to help you cultivate your desires to achieve that dream, both personally and professionally.

Boundless Reach

We believe that an intimate coaching experience can be created through both virtual and face-to-face sessions, and value our ability to reach and serve others without geographic boundaries.